Abel Tasman Yoga

    "ASANAS penetrate deep into each layer of the body and ultimately into the
consciousness itself"

B.K.S Iyengar

ASANA is translated as pose or posture.
The more literal meaning is 'comfortable seat'.

YOGA postures are different to exercise.
We are not imposing movement onto the body, but move from within.

Each movement demands the focus of the mind allowing the body to move as a unified whole.
Mind and body learn to listen to each other.

YOGA ASANA is one of the more direct ways to explore the self,
to connect with the self

Asana yoga instruction in Marahau Marahau yoga, near the Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman Yoga, Ingrid Wagner, I.Y.T.A Dip - Yoga Therapy Dip. Email: info@abeltasmanyoga.co.nz Telephone/Facsimile: 03 5278 200

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